Monday, March 30, 2009

1st entry

Yes, yes I know…I succumbed to peer pressure …decided to start blogging…After hearing “Sonia you should blog” a million times I decided to go ahead and create an account …I was hesitant at first like: What should I write about? Whose gonna be reading it? Will I have time?…..well I’m only gonna write what I would really say out loud…and I guess whose ever interested can read it…and time wise I shall try my best to blog atleast a couple of times a week…..

So for my first entry…..I’ve started to indulge myself in poetry ever since Ms.Toni Blackman told me I should. Right now I’ve been reading Sonia Sanchez’s book Bluestreak. I find myself being touched by her words, as if her lines have been reincarnated in my body. One of her piece that I can def. read over and over again is a sonku she wrote and it goes like this :

What I want
From you can
You give? What
I give to
You do you

Its pretty simple, but the words have so much depth to them. And I guess one of the reasons I like this piece is because it related to what I been going through lately. It goes hand in hand with certain individuals that seem to just pop out of nowhere wanting to offer me the world, or offer me “love” and its like “can you give me what I want?” and “do you really want what I can offer?” Its easy to say you want to embark into something but when you think things through its like: 1) timing is not right 2) this feelings are so random, where have you been for the past couple of months? 3) do you really know me? 4) and what about them other girls? You thought I didn’t know about them? Smh . You may want everything, but you cant have everything. Well you can ,but all in due time. You cant have a relationship when you want to live a single person’s life, you cant say you want to offer someone love when you have yet to understand what love requires. Everyone wants a perfect love story, I do too. But for right now I’m living a different chapter on a different story

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