Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bronx Princess

Last year while coordinating and setting up my fundraiser 1st Annual Artist F-Our Blueprint for my program A Foundation For Youth , I was directed to Yoni Brook a very kool individual. He was in the mist of working on the documentary "Bronx Princess" along with Musa Syeed.BRONX PRINCESS follows headstrong teenager Rocky's journey as she leaves behind her mother in New York City to reunite with her father, a chief in Ghana, West Africa. Filmed over the tumultuous summer between high-school and college, BRONX PRINCESS tells Rocky's coming-of-age story. By confronting her immigrant parents' ideas of adulthood, Rocky reconciles her African heritage with her dream of independence.

Yoni gave me the opportunity see the final cut of documentary last August and I was very impressed. Funny thing is that the girl that the documentary was about,Rocky, was as intern at the Young People For office last summer where I constantly went for meetings and I had no idead it was her (the world is small). So here is a clip of a Bronx Princess.It will be aired on PBS September 22 and it will be screen for the first time in NYC at the African Film Festival at Lincoln Center April 10th @ 3pm
April 12 @ 2:40pm For more information visit http://www.filmlinc.com/wrt/onsale/aff09.htm or click on Bronx Princess for the Facebook link or Bronx Princess website.

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