Monday, April 6, 2009

April 4th 2009 Reflection

Going to Cornell University this weekend was bitter sweet. I was able to see two old friends(Tamara baby and Tony Touch) , def. that was a great feeling. Haven’t seen them since last year. I love those 2 ladies.

And it was bitter in the way that I was at a campus that could have been my campus. Although a good candidate to attend that school I couldn’t go because of my status in this country and also cause money. That was my dream school, a school I could have said yes to, unfortunately I had to turn it down and go to Hunter College. That is not to say that I regret the life I have now as a CUNY student, def. being in the city I have experience so many things, staying in the city has led to my personal growth. You know, things are always for the best, It was meant for me to stay here and be at this point of my life.

So I and two other NYSYLC core members went up to Cornell as guest speakers for the 2009 Spring ECCSF Conference that was held by M.E.Ch.A. ( Def. let me give my thumbs up to the Cornell’s M.E.Ch.A, those students def. did a great job at putting about the conference).

The conference touched upon Latinas/os in Higher Education in Anti-Immigrant America.
-Dr. Alan E. Gomez a Professor at Arizona State University discussed The State of La Raza
-Dr. Belisa Gonzalez a Professor at Ithaca College & Cornell University discusses Affirmative Action in a Race blind society
-Dr. Sofia Villenas a Professor at Cornell University discusses Ingles Only (Bilingual Education)
-Dr. Alfonso Gonzales a Professor at NYU discussed Immigration Climate: Political and Social Impact in our Communities
-Me, Jenny, and Marisol discussed A Dream Deferred (Dream Act)

Overall the Conference led to an understanding of where we are as people and how youth can have an impact in the change we want . One thing I left with was with the understanding that “ we are all part of a continental struggle”. We are not secluded in the struggle we face day by day in New York or even Arizona, we are part of a bigger spectrum were people in Ecuador to the people in Africa are also facing the same struggles. So our fight in our communities , is a fight for the people everywhere.

It may be a long walk to freedom but we are not walking alone….

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