Saturday, April 11, 2009

Certain things you may not know about Sonia G

There are certain things that I've keep to myself ..but i think I should share some with ya:

1) I have no fav. colors but my room is pink and green
2)I wear glasses, but currently my glasses are broken(cause i slept wearing them and they broke on the side)
3)I love highlighting things, i guess i love words so why not color them
4)I'm letting my hair grow as long as it can possibly grow just cause
5)I dont know how to swim or ride a bike ...
6) I like getting French tips and hate doing my own nails
7) I love the shows : Monk, Law and Order, and Psych
8)Never been in love (what ever that is lol)
9) I use to keep a diary, now i just write and share it with the world
10)music literally saved my life--kept me sane
11) I want atleast 10 more tats on my body
12) I want to be or will be a Congresswomyn
13)My fav. # is 5
14)I have no ipod :( ------long story
15) I play soccer, always been tomboyish...yet I am lady like(wat ever that is)
16) I love the movie Pretty in Pink ---def. love the scene where Duckie sings Try a little tenderness by Otis Redding

17) I always been a kid @ heart, love cartoon movies
18)I dont pay bills on time, thats why my phone is always getting disconnected
19)I have a 1/2 sister
20)I dont think I'll ever get married
21)I love Mac makeup
22)I intimidate ppl with my stare--well actually I had ppl fallin for me cause of my eyes lol
23)I have a thing for Kid Cudi
24) I sometimes paint with my eyes close
25)I have bad ankles
26)The best nickname ever given to me is Baby LUna
27)I freestyle for fun lol
28)I love playing 007 in my uncles Xbox
29)I have the same birthmark that my lil brother and my father have
30)I'm not a good speller
31)I like singing while running (you can catch me on the act when I'm in riverbank at 5am in the morning running)
32)I hate clubbing, never liked the whole "grinding on strangers"
33)I been pronouncing my last name incorrectly my whole life lol
34)I dont like when ppl cant hold a conversatin on the i hate that long silence or pause in a call like come on say something if u call me
35) I love this Colombian restaurant in Queens, yummmm "cat food" lol (inside with tam, Maro and Judy)
36) I always wanted to be a B-girl
37)I miss Power Rangers, and Hey Arnold
38)I am a good quarter back and love to throw softballs
39)I pout all the time
40) I no longer read newspapers, i read my google alerts lol
41)I didnt see my parents till the age of 5
42)I envy the wind cause it is clear, cold and warm, its everywhere and anywhere I wanna be
43)I hate feet
44)I dont wear sneakers anymore, except when i go running
45)I use to film, I wanna go back to doing that and be the next Spike Lee
46)I love the Color Purple and Breakfast Club
47)I like writing in blue ink
48)I'm lactose intolerant
49)I cant sleep without the TV or something being on
50) I'm kinda afraid of the dark
51)I raised my little sister
52)I had mad pets when growing up(from turtles to little chicks)
53)I think I know my times tables...
54)I dont like wearing dresses
55)I wanna learn how to skateboard( currently I'm waiting on this dope dude named Troy to teach me)
....When i think of more I shall post it up , but this is all for now

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