Friday, July 10, 2009

My request...

His Request
He wanted to know if I might
consider penciling love
into my day planner

he asked if I would be his wife
if i might want to be loved
if i might need to be held
in between appointments

By Toni Blackman

In respose to his request

Funny thins is that I accepted his request, I pencil in love into my day planner..
He asked if I would be his wife, and I said yes
If i might want to be loved, and I told him I love him
And he promised to hold me in between appointments

His request, as promising as it may have been was all lies

I was never included in his daily planner
Asking me to be his wife, when he was not ready to be my husband
He wanted to be loved, he said he loved me but actions speaks louder than words
and his actions screams "I never really loved u"

And so now my daily planner is full with appointments that are worth my time,
and his appointments have been erased out my life

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