Monday, July 27, 2009


His morning calls were like a cup of Café Cubano
Sweet, strong, powerful
His taste still lingers in my mouth
No longer did alarm clocks had a necessity in my life
His hands gave me a sense of time

Y el hera un hombre con apellido bonito
His uniqueness and positive vibe
Created a possibility for me to fall in love

Pushing out broken Spanish
“Buenos dias and have a buen day” out his mouth
Speaking spanglish to my family
His way of charming them
And it worked
Cuz even mi abuela began to like him

And just like that we fell in love in two languages

And I recall this early morning
Where he jotted down in his Iphone the exact time we said “I love you” to each other
I sat in my living ,sinking in more and more into my couch
Sinking down the idea of possibly being in love

Within 3 weeks me and him talked about having 8 kids lol
He would tell me the adventures he plans to embark as an archeologist
Always assuring me that I will be there with him

We will be side by side
Climbing pyramids
researching the black whole
and even the Bermuda triangle was not out of the question

As silly as it sounded, I remember thinking
“word baby, I will be there even if we get lost or enter some 3rd word dimension, I WILL be there”
No hesitation

He read me his wedding vowels
(and we were not even engaged)
He shared w/ me his deepest secrets
He told me he was scared of ghosts and black cats lol

He altered my life,
He impacted me spiritually
He was my first love

Y el hera un hombre con un appellido bonito
But everything eventually comes to an end
And our love eventually die-d

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