Friday, August 14, 2009

Lessons learned

I'm not one to discuss my love life or relationships but I guess today I can share some life experience...Past relationships are not something to look back as mistakes. You may say : "What was I thinking?" or "Damn I was a fool!"..But everything serves as an experience. Past relationships have taught me alot. I must say my resent relationship was a beautiful one. I learned to care for someone in the most free-ist manner. I learned there is such thing as "support" , this individual was there supporting me in my lifestyle, supporting my work, supporting me in the speeches I was to give at events. He showed me the meaning of "I love you" ..something I never said before but w/ him it came easily, so it was in that relationship that I learned to care for someone and not be scare to fall flat in my face. I learn to disagree and I learn to compromise. I learned to trust, and I learn to open the door to the most sacred of things ( meaning I introduced him to the family). I learned to feel proud of my work, learned that my flaws may be beautiful to someone...ya get my point, right? Well to my ex, thanks for the lessons we learned from our relationship.

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