Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Punishing Youth with Deportation...

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September 23, 2009
by By Sara Campos

Pedro C.* is not the kind of teen adults would call a trouble maker. The soft-spoken sixteen year-old, a junior at a San Francisco public high school, enjoys soccer and basketball, plays video games, and loves cars. He’s also a talented artist and often draws mythical Aztec figures. He has never been involved with crime or gangs, and before February, had never been arrested. But now, under a new police policy, the city may punish him for a minor offense by forcing him out of the country.
The policy that could lead to Pedro's deportation may soon be amended by local lawmakers, in response to public outcry. But for now, Pedro is in limbo, still trying to make sense of what happened.
A San Francisco policy punishes already vulnerable immigrant students for life. Pedro’s crime was tagging a school wall with the words, “CALM.” He had no reason for doing it and admits it was an impulsive act. The police found him with a marker in his pocket and told him they had seen him write on the building. They arrested him and took him to the Youth Guidance Center. While Pedro waited for his father to pick him up, police asked him where he was born. He answered truthfully and police officials reported him to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) authorities. Later, even though his felony charges were dismissed to informal probation, immigration officials nevertheless detained him and placed him at an Orange County detention facility. continue reading go to or click here Punishing Youth With Deportation

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