Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nemiss on She's So Fresh Friday

Nemiss at the Lyricist Lounge

Read the article about her on Dont Miss Out on RoxRevolutions

My fav. part of the article :

Nemiss on what inspires her to write rhymes:
Such as life .... it is full of characters and actors and drama, tragedy, triumph and war and love and so thats the inspiration.... I aspire to be that woman that Stevie Wonder talked about in"Rocket Love" when he said "A female Shakespeare of her time, with looks to blow Picasso's mind" I mean if looks blew Picasso's that means that she wasn't pretty. That means she was complex and abstract and intresting.... the art God created within the journey of life has inspired me to reflect that; it inspires me to write rhymes about relationships, love and the message that God wants me to give to the masses."

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