Saturday, October 10, 2009

o_O Boyfriend meets the parents ....

My family and I have a weird family is very young and we have our characters. My mother and father, my grandparents, my aunts --all got married at a young age. My uncle (he is like one of my closest friends) is the only single one but he has a daughter....anywho my relationship with my family is an interesting one. With them I grew up learning the meaning of trust, financial help, admiration, hope and also struggle...Its not typical of me to introduce my boyfriends to my family because its like a sacred line Im passing, Im letting you into one of my sacred of things : MY FAMILY. I love them and I deeply care for them, and so with that I dont like to bring in individuals that are not worth TONIGHT , William will meet my parents....Wish me luck guys :)

-Sonia G

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