Friday, October 23, 2009


I haven't been able to really sit down and reflect on things as much as I would want to..but I guess this morning shall be the day I do this...

School wise..I've been rethink my majors..I'm looking into adding Women and Gender Studies with my already double major studies (that including Political Science and Latin American Caribbean Studies) ..I have also been enjoying my time volunteering at the Women and Gender Studies I have met so many powerful dope beautiful ladies..and many opportunities have open up through my involvement in this library...(BTW folks I may be looking into pursuing my PHD...ayeeeee....wish me luck for there is this program I will be applying to in order to pursue that dream of mine) addition to that I will be joining this dance group and looking into doing the Vagina Monologue this spring :)

My activism side has not been balanced out this fall. I guess with the rise of new things in my life I haven't had time to really focus on many of the projects I was involved in during the summer. Don't get me wrong I am still involved in the whole Dream Act/undocumented youth campaign , I am still involved in women empowerment, youth work, community organizing,etc....One things I want to work on is indigenous rights ..will keep you posted on that journey

As i reflect the course of this fall...I have come to realize that my role in one of the organizations I work with has been shaky. Majority of the reason being me dealing with some healing and the other part me finding myself.

As I have done this I have become involved in other projects ie: She's So Fresh. This has been one of the best things I have come across this year. It really empowers me to see such strong beautiful talented warm ladies doing their thing in the Hip Hop scene as well as in society. Shout out to Bless, for ever am I thankful for the lessons she has been teaching me.

On another has made me rethink my plans after I graduate.Law school is still in the agenda but not right after undergrad...and moneywise I wont be suit to cover the expenses. I also been having to deal with so many bills, payments, and money issues that that by itself has thrown me off my course this summer. I guess I need money management class.

Adding to this reflection summery update post, I am glad to share with yall that I am in a relationship (1 month and a week lol not that Im counting)...but yeah I am happy with the decision of getting together with this person and we shall see where it takes me.

I guess I been doing well in terms of the things in my life. School could be better, (I have to catch up with the readings and work) but as time progresses I been able to heal from many things, I been able to take control of the politics and bureacracy of my soul. Each day I have come to realize that anything is possible, and that things dont always have to go as planned as long as you plan to make it through the day.

Sonia G has before her eyes become a young women...this tranformation that I have tried to avoid recognizing deserves to get recognized ... It feels wonderful to actually enjoy life regardless if its hard or nice times.

Talk to ya later folks...

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