Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"I want to wake up and graffiti the walls of my womb"

....yeah folks..hello good morning ( in Wordspit's voice ) lol

I should be finishing up my essay but I wanted to quickly blog about my performance last night @ the Fall Into Gender Show....I haven't perform in quite a while and I got the butterflies in my stomach right before I went up on stage. Thank God for my little brothers presence there (his image in the crowd calmed me down ).

So I performed this piece I wrote like 2 weeks ago and I thought I did an ok job ( I am my hardest critic )...but I was told after I performed that ppl where in tears because of the depth of the poem.....<----thats a new one for me. Touching someone to the point they are in tears, that made me feel good.

Overall I am very thankful for being given that opportunity to perform and also I am glad to have shared the stage with other dope artist. Star Jump Dance Collective ya rock!!!!

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