Friday, January 8, 2010

From "Papers" to "Nine Magic Numbers"

On a chilly October evening the Youth Leadership Coucil hosts the New York City premier of "Papers" the movie . Many students, parents, dreamers, and supporters arrive and fills up the LGBTQ Center(where the movie was being screened). The reaction to the movie was very clear, everyones face illustrated an appreciation to a documentary that portrayed the undocumented situation in a "to the point" manner but also as a very humane issue.

Not only was there a connection to the movie , but people felt connected to each other on that night. And that is where my connection with Lindsay A. Lazarski occurred. She approached me with the opportunity to be part of her project ( project that in the future would be known as Nine Magic Numbers). Over a period of two months she played "paparazzi"; following me around the city, in my college, and at home. She went with me to events (open mics, Hip Hop shows, etc.) She interviewed me, interviewed my family and took photographs.

All this data and pictures that she was compiling about me was part of a multimedia project that shares the stories of undocumented youth in New York City and their experiences with higher education and the college process. This project is called Nine Magic Numbers .

***Nine Magic Numbers has been embraced by the community, by artist and TV shows in such a great manner:

On Wednesday ,January 7th, Lindsay A. Lazarski( and I where special guest at the Brain Lehrer Live Show ( on CUNY TV). It even received a special shout out on and soon will be screened at an event hosted by Rebel Diaz.

Do your part. Check the website out : and leave a comment.

Special thanks to writter, Producer, and Editer of Nine Magic Numbers:
Lindsay A. Lazarski
Multimedia Journalist
CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

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Floatingclouds said...

I was so excited to read about this. The YLC of Oakland Public Library will also be hosting the Northern California premiere showing of Papers on January 21st at our Main library. I am the Teen Outreach Librarian, and I facilitate our YLC ( and am also coordinating this movie event. We have many talented, wonderful undocumented youth here facing many walls. Glad the word is getting out. (
Jodi Mitchell
Oakland Public Library Teen Outreach Librarian