Monday, March 15, 2010


Langston Hughes asks “what happens to a dream deferred?”
Echoes of 65 ,000 students being told that their education does not matter rings in my eardrum

Does it mean that their dreams will dry up like raisin in the sun ?
or will their dreams decompose like immigrants bodies on the boarder line ?

65, 000 students
1 of them being me

To them our success is unseen
And books are made unavailable even though we have a library card
Is it because we lack a social security card?

Modern KKK attempts to lynch our education
Wiped into exploitation
We are labeled terrorist of foreign nations

Trying to drown us in laws created by manifest destini believers
We survive and continue to surpass those rivers

They call us alien
Should we call them out on their war against third world countries ?
And how they exploit the land of others ?
(Exploit the body of kids whose limbs have been lost in order to feed materialism hunger)

They call you alien , illegal
Yet they turn a blind eye to genocide

They call me alien, illegal
Spitting malice
They tell me “Your dreams don’t lead to prosperity, your dreams equate to tragedy “

Returning to the gospels of my childhood
I reply
“Here is an undocumented student,
I have yet to give up"

Your lies
Your tricks wont work on me
My philosophy: we are created equal , we have the right to dream
My life carries weight
Skin color, gender, sexual preference, class--has no significance

Pedagogy of the oppressed
Laws are educations suicide thoughts
Ours dreams are educations hopes

I still believe!I still dream!!"

65, 000 students
1 of them being me
Our dreams still exist

-Sonia G

(work in progress)

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