Monday, April 19, 2010

wassup Sonia G ?

Updates :

I am almost done with this semester, the courses I've taken this semester : African American & Prisons, Intro to Women Studies, African American & Political Social Change, and Gender& Geography ---all dope classes and all taught by amazing proffesors

NYSYLC lauched Trail of Dreams NY....check the website for the updates: Support the phenominal walkers!!!

I am getting ready for this summer, and by that I mean allocating time/money and resources for trips, conferences, workshops, open mics, A.F.F.Y and other events.

June 18 is around the corner, I have to work on my fundraiser event that I am setting up and the trip to New Orleans I will embark right before my birthday. Crossing fingers all things stay postitive and that I can accomplish all the things Im setting out to do.

Challenging the structure that is trying to keep me down. I'm no longer scare, I dream :)

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