Monday, June 14, 2010

Hunger strike for 10 days ...

Its been over 4 days that I and the Starved 4 Dream youth finished our hunger strike...I haven't had a chance to reflect on the 10dayhungerstrike for the Dream Act. We slept, lived, and stood up for our dreams outside of Senator Schumers office (47 st and 3rd ave) for 10 days. It upsets me that politicians can play games with the future of millions of youth around the country like its nothing. I grew up breathing and intaking the idea of everyones dreams being possible, with the idea that everyone is a person and that every child is important. Outside that office for 10 days showed me how politicians do not care about immigrant youth. As if those 9 digits numbers was my failure and forever will be condemned to a future that I have no say in.

10 days, in unity we 10 hunger strikers stood up for our dreams and stood strong . We starved for our dreams, we were there in reaction to Senator Schumer inaction towards getting the Dream Act passed. We ended the hunger strike on June 10 with the support of Unions, with youth from all the boroughs, with the support of other organizations, with the support of families and friends. Thank you to all the supporters, those that came out on that day and to the folks that came through out those 10 days donating their time, donating bottles and their support. It was my honor to do the hunger strike with an amazing group of folks. Our hunger strike was not in vain. It doesnt end here folks....

Please read our :
Open Letter on the Thursday, June 10, 2010 Actions of the New York State Youth Leadership Council

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