Saturday, September 4, 2010


"there is this place in us
where we are soft and eternity dwells
where a tear is shared with good measure
of an emotion blooming,
there is this place
i tell you
living in us
saying come hither
come lay your head on my lap
sing me a song
paint me a picture
scribble me a note
tell me you love me
be daring
there is this place
im telling you
we should go there
in us
let our bodies stretch out in the grass
and our toes tumble in the soil
let me
take you
let us go there
let us talk about it
we can say what we mean when we get there
we will make more sense if you come
if you let your self go
if we let ourselves go
if ever you get weary
i will carry you.
i will carry you." - Aja Monet

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