Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Goodbye and 2011 I welcome you...

2010 you have been the year of crazyness, courage, family, love, problems, determination, dreamers and tears.

2010 Thank you for teaching me the definition of love in the different manners that you did. I learned to love dreamers across the states, some that I have never met , some whose relationships were build on twitter/gchat and facebook.

You taught me how to love. I even got married. You taught me the definition of love when my NYSYLC family were always there giving me support. My family (my parents , siblings, aunts and uncles) you nourished me with love through out my activism. Thank you. Thank you Hunter peeps, and professors for the support, advise, and the amazing classes. Thank you Women and Gender Studies Program.

I learned to love my self! 2010 thank you and thank you for bringing me together with a movement that said Undocumented and Unafraid. This year I embraces who I was and I embraced it with all my energy.

The crazyness of this year has to go to the Dream Act campaign. We went through a roller coaster. With people walking to DC, to workshops, to media, to conferences, to HUNGER-STRIKES and CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. As much heartbroken as I was when Dream Act didn't make it through the Senate, I never felt so powerful and powerless at the same time. The power we, immigrant youth, brought to this fight was something unprecedented/never seen before and so amazing.

Until this moment, I have not sit down and written how I feel and felt during all that has happen this year.

I've cried so much this year. I've cried for dreamers,I've cried for me, I've cried for Dream Act, I've cried for the struggle.

Through it all, 2010 thank you for linking me with phenomenal people. I am glad I have met so many allies, and nourished some of the relationships I've had with people.

2010, you have also brought negativity.Lets me honest , you brought the true colors of some "allies" and you definitely showed us which politicians were on our side. With some disappointments , I've learned that some people are not what they seem to be. You revived old memories that I had put away in my childhood era, you brought them to current times and embodied in me.

You took away some of my friends, at times I felt lonely.

2010 you are a bitter sweet memory. Today looking back at it I embrace you. I will heal where I've been hurt. I keep growing strong, more determined. I am surrounded by amazing people, my amazing family.With so much of everything , 2010 goodbye, and thank you for everything.

Palante Siempre Palante,

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