Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I made a Difference in Africa

Early this year I went to DC to staff the Young People For(yp4) 2009 Summit as a Senior Fellow. There I was able to help the new class of fellows get settled in and welcome them to the YP4 family . That by itself was an extraordinary experience. However, what was more amazing was meeting the other senior fellows from other years. One special individual that I was able to meet was Alex Hill.....

Who is this Alex Hill? "He is a 2007 Young People For Fellow.Currently a senior studying International Relations and Global Area Studies: Africa specializing in African Studies and International Development at Michigan State University, Alex likes to spend his time applying his passion to the problems of the world. In his free time Alex runs SCOUT BANANA with a dedication that is renewed each day by the inspiration of others. Alex’s life was forever changed when he traveled to Uganda in 2002 to visit the communities benefiting from a SB funded ambulance. He was able to experience the harsh realities of the world at the ripe age of 14 and realize the amazing potential to make a difference while recognizing the under-emphasized beauty of “banana” yellow.

Alex is the founding director of SCOUT BANANA. He has created the global non-profit organization with a mission to combine efforts with commitment and determination to save lives in Africa by supporting projects and organizations that provide basic health care services to the world's marginalized. He hopes to further develop the organization to expand the impact and involvement of America's youth and university students in a movement where global health is everyone's responsibility."

That is Alex Hill.
When speaking to him, I was able to feel such a good vibe from him. Def. he is an inpiration and last night I received a SCOUT BANANA T-shirt from him in the mail. Thank you Alex Hill and keep doing the wonderful work you devote yourself too.

Alex Hill: A great example of youth making a different in todays society.

For more links to Alex Hill:
He is on facebook, twitter him: Alexbhill

Scout Banana links: http://scoutbanana.org/ , http://www.myspace.com/scoutbanana

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