Saturday, April 25, 2009

K'naan Your Amazing!!!

Ahhh his new video...Kanye you did it again...

On another note, I had my Institutionalized Racism class today and we were discussing the Pirates of Somalia and how they have been portrayed as these "pirates" who are doing illegal stuff and are bad people. And we dove into how news are bias and that you have to do your own reserach...the Pirates of Somalia are people who are trying to control their water and fish market because over the years big industries and top nations have been coming to their waterfronts and illegaly dumping toxic waste---polluting their water, and also taking over their fishmarker(meaning fishing in their seaport with no permission)---but the news did not cover this reality...CNN, and all those other channels painted a picture of this US boat getting attack by these savages...and now one of the "pirates" have been found in NY and he will be try as an adult(he is a minor btw) in a NY Court---my question is whose gonna take to court those people that have been polluting Somalia???Check out article Why We Don’t Condemn Our Pirates in Somalia hmmm , it goes more in depth....I'll leave you with K'naans video regarding pirates and the interview he gave regarding it.

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