Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dream Act on CNN--Matias you Rock!!!!

Join and Support the mission to getting the Dream Act passed. For more information log on to, the United We Dream Act Coalition or get involved with the NYS-YLC....... Check out: The DReam Act Portal, the largest online community of undocummneted students. Everyday more news and media are picking up on the Dream Act, check out the article on the New York Times: Immigrant Children in Legal Limbo

Make sure to check out Iamshadow's blogpage---an undocumented student--
And I'll leave ya with a quote I took from his page :
"It’s an impossible position we’ve been put in where we have to choose sending unauthorized migrant youth to die in a war across the sea or in a war in the U.S.A. There’s one thing I know though. It’s that I haven’t met a single unauthorized migrant youth that opposes the DREAM Act. It’s only people that have the privilege of legal status that pretend to know what it’s best for unauthorized migrant youth that oppose the DREAM Act. Kyle at his blog, Citizen Orange.

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