Thursday, April 23, 2009

I heard 'em say ...."I gotta find my peace of mind"

Tupac told me: During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams.----In life there r going 2 b some things dat make it hard 2 smile. But whatever u do, through all da rain & pain, u got 2 keep ur sense of humor, u got 2 smile 4 me now REMEMBER THAT----If u don't know me, don't judge me.

Lupe said:

"my greatest enemy is my inner me"
"I'm just a rose in weeds
And I arose with reasons, to stay on this road I lead
'Til I leave with what I sold, my soul, indeed
Leave my son with the sum of what I sold in deeds..."
"stop feeding all of the bullshit, starve all of it"

Idk i kept listening to their recors, reading Tupacs poems and these lines kept appearing in my mind, like ferris wheels these lines rotate over and over again with passengers that are so called events in my life time...

For the past couple of days I've stop writing in my book of LiFelines..I havent gone running in a while be honest..i been feeling "confused" fingers dont feel like they are holding a pen..for the pen been replaced with Jesus cross.....and with each letter i scribble down feels like sins washed up in blue ink...understanding myself...I gotta find peace in mind....and this ferris wheel starts rotating again...and Lauryn Hills song comes to mind..Listen

I hope someday, maybe when I go to Church on Sunday..I can find peace...
Tomorrow is a new day ..look forward to going running again--miss those 6 am joggings
and miss what I use to see--->midway in my run through the tracks @ Riverbank I would stop and look up and see the heavens


^^^^ actual pic. taken one early morning when running....

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