Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life gives you lessons and I get them through texts and IM's

Well everything that happens happens for a reason, and the things that don't go slightly our way is part of a learning process.

In the past 64 hours Lol...A lot of things have gone down. I dove back into the Dream Act campaign after a week of family problems and personal issues...I have written more pieces that I soon will start working on in order to perform it....I'm planning an open mic on June 20th (2nd Annual Artist F-Our: Youth)...I'm going to Yale next week as a speaker with YLC. I paid my phone bill so my blackberry is back on....and a certain individual has connected back into my life. He knows I missed him like I miss Power Rangers and Hey Arnold! Lol 3 am walk on a Friday night was an unexpected event-but surely made my day.....( I Hope you don't promise me something you can't keep)

On another note in the past weeks I've learned to enjoy the simple things in life. "A hug from your family.. a laugh with your friends.. a stroll thru the park,. the small things in life are great! plus thers so many of em!!"

I've managed to hang out with my girls more: had some Cuban food with them, had some drinks with them Lol( Tomi baby where do you live?? Who Is better Jay-Z or Nas ? Lol) And I have learned tru friendship doesnt depend on how many times you see them, I haven't seen my best buddy Uko( since Christmas when we exchange gifts) but yet he has always maintained in contact with me. Advising me about dudes and telling me to not stress the lame ones."Promised to never love a slore" Lol "Uko is the epitome of a god". lol
I love my big brother Uko and hope he can find a good lady someday.And his text has kept me sane through out these two years.

Certain individuals have begun to reach out to me recently. I haven't spoken to them in months. Its nice to know I have been on their minds but it just a reminder of how friendships/relationships to them is just some shit they can pick up anytime they feel lonely. So to my dear friend:
I truely don't regret the moments we may have spend together, from funny times where I couldn't get you out my house in time. Or the day where you took my trash can with you Lol I adore you with all my heart, but you made the decision of our friendship when you chose to play with my heart. I don't have a grudge against you, if anything you shall remain a very important factor in what became the Sonia G. Babe I hope you find a good lady for yourself and I hope you enjoy life( don't pout too much)

So my dear reader, I could have writen a blog about how Kanye has his girl on that photo shoot for his shoes or how Lil Kim has been doing well on Dancing with the stars but that's not part of my life. And as much as we may want to include them in our life lessons, life lessons comes with actions and reactions we chose to hopefully what you got out of this blog is that : one should enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life, and learn to forgive people when they have done you is like a box of chocolates and inside of them chocolates there is a life lesson :)

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