Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Agnes NKhata

I met this wonderful lady in this DC early this year, I must say she is an amazing individual and Im glad I can call her my friend.Look out for her and the many projects she is involved in..Here is a piece she wrote
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Message To My Brothas written December 2007
next time you step to me,
step respectfully.
maybe the burden between those legs
got you thinkin sideways, in a daze
brainwashed for the lack of appreciation for this sista
sounds like you're too big for your own boots
I am not the skanky image that you've been fed
on and on we are dehumanized,
rather than being praised for our place in this world
called by life itself, i am women
knowing the history of my gender,
In the forefront of your mind should be
the kind of words that i appreciate
equal,divine, worthy, empress
give me the respect that YOUR
mamas grandmamas
worked so hard for,
sweatin in the picket lines for a voice to match yours
poundin maze so your ancestor slaves could eat
seneca falls with hearts so heavy just longing to belong
to be revered as Equivalent
yet still, after all that
some are blind to a womens worth.
think twice next time you step to me
or dont step at all

Peaceful Comrad Agnes NKhata

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