Saturday, July 4, 2009

This is a great example of being yourself...

Taz Arnold

“A rainbow and color is natural and has nothing to do with someone’s sexual preference. It’s fucking ridiculous. The rainbow is for gay people, straight people, people who don’t have sex, kids, animals, everything.” If you’ve seen photos of Taz, you know that anything goes, and lack of color is not an option. “A guy won’t wear shorts above his knees because he’s scared of what people think. Like who the fuck dresses for other people? Why are you spending all this money so that you can look like somebody else?” Puzzled and passionate, Arnold settles for a minute to regain his composure and then softly stakes his claim. “The main thing is this - I’m taking the rainbow back.”
Full article:
YRB-Taz Manian Rebel

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