Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Mujeres of the Young Lords!!!

The Party for Socialism and Liberation hosted a Public Meeting:
Honoring the 40th Anniversary of the Young Lords Party last night, and surely I went. Def. a great experience. There I seen Iris M. speak along w/ Carlitos (who were members of the Young Lords Party).

The topic that stock with me last night was the role of Mujeres (females) in the movement and the barriers that they had to overcome...Iris M. read out loud a piece she wrote and it dealt with machismo, and how the womyn overall took a strong role within the Young Lords Party...

Colorlines Magazine recently picked up the article written by Erica González and it touches upon The Mujeres of the Young Lords!!!... def. a great piece to read.

If you didn't know this week and next week we are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Young Lords . Tomorrow, Sunday, Aug. 23, 2009, the Young Lords Party will have its 40th reunion at the First Spanish Methodist Church in New York City.

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