Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A woman's worth...

Females are just too thin
Skin tight to bone
No muscles left to define proof of strength
Weakened by beautys lust
They starve
Food on plate
Empty mouths
They watch the chicken meat protien waste
as their mouth slowly carefully chew
The leaf salad
No substance
Hip bone pokes out
Chest bones show visible
Cheeks sink in
No curves
Heart heavy from emptiness
Mind tired of constant battle to lose
Just 5
20 more to make beauty's cut
Jeans must be less than size 5
Hair thins
Body no longer seeks survival
Only beauty
running away from common sense
Running and running
To burn off energy
Losing gas
We shut down
As each second of life adds to minutes years spent on an image fading
Our Brain keeps workin hard to keep count of calorie intake
Out of any wieght to fall back on our bodies
We come up short of price paid
No change comes
I stand on scale and wait
for my weight of worth...
hoping my woman weighs in as beautiful
by Corina McCarthy-Fadel

I met this beautiful lady back in 2008 while I was in DC for the YP4 summit. Def. we stayed cool and seen her again this past Feb. in Dc and I must say she is a very talented and interesting individual.
Glad to have met her and def. looking forward to her coming to NY next week.

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