Monday, March 8, 2010

Disturbing 911 Emergency Call W/ 8 Yr Old

I have always said that you should look forward to a career. Do something that you love, dont get stuck w/ a job. If you are a doctor and are just doing it for the money and your also anti-people ----YOU ARE IN THE WRONG FIELD. Do something your love and look forward to doing everyday. And iI say this because people go into jobs and do not even do it to the fullest extent. Take a look at this video......

"The employment rate is low everywhere I go but there are definitely people with jobs that they don’t appreciate as much as they did before they got it. Meaning, they don’t work as hard with that sense of dedication, urgency, or give-a-fuck mentality

Above, a conversation between an 8 year old and an emergency operator that, if you ask me, went too long. This is really sad and disturbing to me as I kept my composure listening to the pain in this little girls voice versus the cold-hearted tone of the 911 dispatcher. The operator got a lil frustrated with this small child who is a girl that obviously can,t handle possibly losing both parents to gun violence. The childs mother is dying and unavailable to speak or she wouldve dialed 911 herself but the operator still insists on speaking with her. Not to mention her dead father on the floor being aided by the 8 year old’s 6 year old younger sister.

There was no sign of assistance being sent and in fact it seems as if the girl was hung up on. Lets do a better job of doing our job. Damn."


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