Thursday, March 11, 2010

To whom it may concern,

If my love offends you
I should apologize
But I will not

I love inspite of suffering
I love you inspite of the hatred that your words show me
And your childhood has been recreated in our relationship
Somedays I wish you see the sunshine in your smile
but you choose to hide behind the shadows of your own problems
I hold your hand and other days I protect myself from them

I wanna remember you as the lovely memory of our first date
More and more I , the women that I'm becoming chooses to leave you, but the woman that I am wants to continue to love you

Stuck in this 3 dimensional problem
I cry
My tears pregnant with sorrow and hope

I still bealive in us
I still bealive in you
I still bealive in me
The holy trinity of love

I love inspite of suffering

-Sonia G

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